Local and sustainable

Otl Aicher managed to show Isny with its typical attributes – region, people, nature, trade, crafts and tradition. That is why our Isny products “genuine Isny” are made by Isny companies, private individuals and small businesses. All manufacturers work sustainably and use regional materials.

Genuine Isny – The Beeswax Candles

Rupert Fleschutz has been interested in bees since childhood. As a boy, he visited his father’s beehives in the meadows of Argenbühl almost every day. He took over the beekeeping hobby from him. Rupert Fleschutz has been a member of the Isny Beekeepers’ Association for more than 30 years. Since then, he has taken care of 55 bee colonies that live around Isny. The industrious insects still fascinate him today. Together with his wife, he processes the valuable products, honey and wax, by hand. The uncontaminated and naturally brittle capping wax of the combs is filtered and clarified in the workshop at home. The candles are drawn in hot baths and coloured only with natural dyes. The result is a pure natural product whose scent is incomparable. The Isny beeswax candle combines appreciation of nature and the environment with passionate craftsmanship – typically Isny.

Genuine Isny – The Beeswax Wrap

To live consciously, to reduce oneself to the essentials and to treat nature with respect – that is Susanne Maurus’ motto. When she and her husband discovered beekeeping for themselves, she had the idea to use the beeswax for something new. In 2018, she turns her philosophy into a profession, founds “nature to nature” and produces beeswax wraps as well as bags and T-shirts with a sustainable message. For the wraps, the young entrepreneur uses cretonne fabrics from controlled organic cultivation, beeswax from local beekeepers and tree resin from Austria. This makes them malleable, waterproof and has a natural antibacterial effect. Beeswax wraps are easy to clean with cold water and can be used again and again. They are an ingenious alternative for packing snacks, cheese or fruit. In the black and white style of the town and as pure natural products, they are typical Isny.



Genuine Isny – Brandy / Gin / Liqueur

The farm shop “Pedi’s Likörlädle” is the third mainstay of the Mockenhof in Argenbühl near Isny, in addition to dairy cattle and holiday accommodation. Here, the Strodel family lives and works in harmony with nature. In their award-winning distillery, Petra and Gerhard Strodel are already the second generation to produce fine fruit brandies, spirits and liqueurs. The use of their own and regional ingredients as well as gentle processing of their products is of particular importance for them. The apple brandy is distilled from the fruit of the surrounding meadows. The gin is distilled from neutral alcohol and juniper, flavoured with hay, lime blossom, yarrow or lemon. Allgäu conifers give the “Tannenspitzenlikör” its incomparable note. Experience and passion, quality and nature are the elements of Isny Apfel, Isny Gin and Isny Tannenspitzen.


Genuine Isny – The Rag

At the age of four, Monka Raabe learned to knit from her mother. Later, she developed an enthusiasm for books and literature. Since then she has been active in both fields, professionally and privately. At the age of 70, she opened “Wolle & Schönes” in Isny. Visitors to Monka Raabe’s shop will not only find wool, needles and yarn. They will also find an inexhaustible wealth of experience and stories, commitment and passion. An idea for every knitting wish, the right colour, the matching wool, the most beautiful pattern. Monka Raabe pays attention to quality and sustainability. Knowing where the wool comes from, how the animals were kept and how the material was processed is one thing. Passing on something is the other: how valuable self-knitted items are that last for many years and how enriching handicraft is that creates beauty. She designed the Isny Rag herself. The knitting takes place in a network of enthusiastic Isny women, because – as Monka Raabe would say – threads connect!

You can stop by Monka Raabe at Espantorstraße 7 in Isny.


Genuine Isny – The Skipping Rope

In 1863, Julias Edelmann and Carl Ridder founded the strands and cord factory in Isny in the Allgäu. The first braided fishing lines were presented in Berlin in 1880. There have been long turbulent years until the invention of the kernmantel rope, with which the company revolutionised safety equipment in mountain sports in 1953. Today, the pioneer in rope manufacturing produces several million metres of climbing rope per year and everything a climber’s heart desires. Certified and awarded for quality and resource conservation, EDELRID stands for “Made in Germany” and sustainable production. EDELRID manufactures the Isny skipping rope in cooperation with the Stephanuswerk Isny. The wooden handles are made in the workshop for the disabled, and EDELRID uses discarded rope scraps and yarn for the rope. Produced locally, in the black and white design of the town, robust and sporty, the skipping rope is typical for Isny.


Genuine Isny – The Board

After finishing their studies Lisa Marie Martach and Ricarda Mayer returend back home. Both started a carpentry apprenticeship and met 2016 at their training organisation. The two young women share their passion for craftsmanship, working with wood and their connection to Isny. In 2018 they founded the “Allgäuer Holzliebelei” in her parents’ garage. They create pieces of furniture, which suit their customers, provide individual space planning and produce high-quality dekorative items. The “Allgäuer Holzliebelei“ is focusing on sustainability and quality, on creativity and expertise, on working togehter and cooperations with other local businesses. Used are domestic woods, preferably from the surrounding region.
Sawed, dried, trimmed, joined, planed, cut, glued and sanded are regional walnut and beech wood, creating in combination with smoked oak the Isny Board. Linseed oil gives the antibacterial wood a natural protection. Rustic, regional and with love for the material makes the Isny Board typical for Isny.