Otl Aicher & Isny Allgäu

The town in black and white – the appearance of Isny. Developed by Otl Aicher in the 1970s. He translated the complexity of the town and its identity into 136 black and white pictorial symbols – the basis of an authentic image that is still valid today. Aicher's attitude, his design and his motifs have been taken up in the design of our products. Our products represent the characteristic Isny and create a connection to the town and the Allgäu. They are unmistakable and genuine – typically Isny.

The designer

Otl Aicher

Otl Aicher, born in Ulm in 1922 as the son of a craftsman, is one of the most important designers of the Federal Republic of Germany. Aicher gained fame above all through the visual design of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. He developed complex corporate identities for large companies such as Deutsche Lufthansa, Braun, ERCO and ZDF. From 1972 until his death in 1991, he lived and worked in Rotis in the Allgäu. Aicher was a co-founder of the Ulm School of Design (HfG), where the HfG archive with his work legacy has been located since 1996.

Products with Otl Aicher pictorial symbols

Our product line with the original Aicher pictorial symbols. The complexity of “the Allgäu near Isny” radically reduced to 136 motifs that do not describe or depict Isny, but invite you to perceive it for yourself, to experience it authentically on site: Tourism advertising that breaks new ground – then as now.


Isny Poster: Fir Forest


Isny Memory


Isny Bandana

Products in design of the town

Isny’s identity is conveyed with every single product. They fit the city and are inspired by Otl Aicher in terms of appearance.


Isny Milk Bottle 1000 ml


Isny Coloured Pencils


Isny Neckwarmer

Locally produced products

Some Isny products are sustainably produced by companies located in Isny, private individuals and small businesses, manufactured in the region and the materials also come from here. Like the entire design, they are a reference to the region, nature and tradition. Otl Aicher’s design approach has been consistently developed and revitalised here – modern, edgy, authentic – genuine Isny!


Isny Gin


Isny Beeswax Cheesewrap


Isny Skipping Rope “Springseil“

Isny Allgäu

The Isny Shop in town

Our products are also available in the Isny Shop in town and invite to discover our products. The shop is part of the Isny Info in the ”Hallgebäude” in the heart of the town. Here too, Isny presents itself to its guests and citizens very directly in the town’s typical corporate design: Otl Aicher’s signature can be found in the design concept of the entire building.